San Joaquin County Justice Coalition

about us

 san Joaquin county justice coalition  is committed to ending all forms of modern day slavery in san Joaquin county

community education, engagement and collaboration


Community members are essential and invaluable partners when they are informed that CSEC and Human Trafficking is modern day slavery and are taught to recognize and report it.  Many human trafficking victims are children, our children and they can be rescued when someone takes notice and takes action.

SJC-JC challenges businesses and residents to watch with open eyes and ears and to take action to keep our children safe from exploitation by:

1.  Raising community awareness about the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) and Human Trafficking epidemic.

2.  Dispelling myths and misconceptions that perpetuate this form of abuse.

3.  Teaching individuals to recognize and report exploitation.

4.  Arming leaders with facts rather than fiction.

5.  Challenging leaders to recognize and respond to the reality of the problem.

6.  Enlist the help of community leaders to create laws to end the epidemic of modern day slavery that is violating our community.

7.  Challenging local businesses to comply with SB 1193 & Civil Code Section 52.6 (Posting of public notice regarding slavery and human trafficking.


SJC-JC Watch is an outreach and training effort created to involve community members and local businesses. Specifically we are asking residents to open their eyes, watch and take action.  We educate individuals, faith-based agencies and community groups about CSEC and Human Trafficking and provide them with tools to effectively and anonymously report suspected human trafficking crimes in their area.  We also collaborate with and support other awareness raising programs and at risk and advocacy youth programs.



But let justice roll on like a river

Righteousness like a never-failing stream.

Amos 5:24